Bali Expats Living is an immigration office in Bali, precisely at Jalan Pakung Pulu 86, tibubeneng, We are ready to help you Foreign Citizens (WNA) who will solve problems related to Immigration. We provide various services such as Visa Extension, Visit Stay Permit Extension, Re-Entry Permit, Limited Stay Permit, Permanent Stay Permit, Status Transfer of Stay Permit, Limited Double, Permit Fee, Dokim Return Requirements, Change of Address, Dokim Revocation.

We serve wholeheartedly and in accordance with the service standards that have been set. For those of you who are going through immigration, come or contact us Bali Expats Living Bali immigration office. Because we are able to provide services according to the service standards that have been set and if we do not keep our promises, then we are ready to accept sanctions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.