Below is the workflow for getting KITAS investors provided by Bali Expats Living (BEL)

Investor KITAS
– 2 years validity
– Extendable (charges apply)
– Minimum investment IDR 1 billion

Process and time frame PMA and KITAS setup:

1. Clients to submit company details and scanned passport copy (Soft Copy)
– Company name (3 words)
– Business activities (Max 3 activities)
– Company address
– Company email
– Company phone number
– Personal address Bali
– Personal address overseas
– Personal email
– Personal phone number
– Share holder percentage

2. Bali Expats Living (BEL) produces invoice for services rendered
3. Client to settle 50% from total quoted amount
4. Bali Expats Living forwards the company set up draft to client
5. Client and Bali Expats Living set notary appointment to sign company set up
5.a. Clients physically present in Bali must be present to sign
5.b. Overseas clients will be substituted by a letter of attorney
6. Company set up (PMA), Business license (SIUP) and NIB to be provided to client in pdf format
6.a. Company set up will take approximately 6 working days
6.b. Business License (NIB & SIUP for 1 active business activity) will take approx 20 working days
7. After documents in pdf format have been received by the client, final settlement of the
outstanding 50% is due
8. Visa login applying, takes approx 7 working days – After Visa login approved by Immigration, then E-Visa submission will be uploaded, takes approx 3 working days
9. E-Visa billing issued and E-Visa to be settled USD 150/person
10. E-Visa to be released after approx. 7 working days (at this stage, the clients are no longer required to extend their current visa)
11. All documents & E-Visa to be submitted to Immigration to register for KITAS
12. The PNBP* (KITAS tax) to be issued within approx. 3 working days
13. PNBP to be settled IDR 3,75 mill/person
14. Clients will be informed of photo and fingerprint appointment (at Immigration office) 3 working days after PNBP paid
15. KITAS (stamp in passport and document will be available within 7 working days after photo and fingerprint
16. Process complete – clients in possession of PT PMA documents and KITAS valid for 2 years (stamp in passport). Services included:
1. Deed of Establishment
2. Decree of ministry
3. Company tax number (NPWP Company)
4. Company registration number
5. E-Visa Billing USD 150/person
6. PNBP IDR 3,75 mill/person

– Services excluded:
1. The 2nd, 3rd etc – Business Activities License
2. Domicile Letter (SKTT)
3. Personal Tax Number (Personal NPWP)
4. Office Domicile Letter (SKTU)
5. Tax Reporting

1. During the entire KITAS process, the client is and remains responsible for their own visa / stay permit extensions, until e-visa c314 is issued
2. BEL is not and cannot be held liable in any circumstances in regard to the client’s visa / stay permit and respective extensions
3. Dependents of individuals who apply for an Investor KITAS will be processed after issuance of the respective Investor KITAS
4. BEL is not a Personal Assistant, we work on our own timelines, not the client’s
5. NIB – Refers to the Business Sectors registered with the government. SIUP – Refers to the Business License approved by the government
6. Family Kitas inquiries are subject to an initial screening of documents and additional charges apply
7. Any changes required to the existing PMA will incur additional charges

8. NPWP (ID Tax Number)
There are 2 types of NPWP:
– Company NPWP
– Personal NPWP
Each person who has NPWP has to report/declare monthly personal income tax and annual
company tax. Failure to pay relevant taxes will result in having the NPWP revoked and KITAS will not be renewed

BEL can provide offshore business visas *Terms & Conditions apply (contact us for