The retirement visa in Indonesia allows you to live in Indonesia, make multiple trips as many time as you wish in and out of Indonesia during the year. You can still visit your home country. But retirement visa does not permit you to work and generate income in Indonesia nor can you legally work remotely with a company in another country on this visa.

You can open a local bank account, and get a drivers license, the ability to lease land, etc.

When Will You Need Retirement Visa Indonesia? If you are a foreign citizen aged 55 or older and wish to retire in Indonesia.

However, foreign retirees often find their plans stuck due to the complex visa application process. Hand over your retirement visa application to us, and you can just sit tight and pack your bags.

As a trusted visa agency in Bali and Indonesia, we will manage both applications or extensions of your retirement visa in accordance with the latest immigration policies. We also have a travel agency license, which permits us to act as your sponsor for a retirement visa in Indonesia if you do not have one.